Hampi is a village in a southern state of India- Karnataka. It is situated within the ruins of Vijaynagar. If you are a history person and looking for this kind of adventure in Bangalore, then you must visit Hampi. The ruins of Hampi are a UNESCO world heritage site. Even in this ruined condition, Hampi is a great tourist place. Archeological department of India still excavates temples and other artifacts around this site. It is 353 km from Bangalore.

It is situated on the banks of River Tungbhadra. The main profession of this village people is agriculture. They get some help from temples and tourism too. Due to mineral deposit like iron-ore, manganese in this area; mining is going on here for a long time. And this heritage site is under threat now.

Temples of Hampi

Virupaksha temple at Hampi

There are so many Hindu temples in Hampi which are still open for worship. Among those are…

  • The Malayavanta Raghunathswamy temple is constructed in Dravid style architecture. It has different marine creature motifs crafted on its inner wall.
  • Virupaksha temple predates back to Vijaynagar Empire. It is a Shiva temple but has idols of other deities too. It is situated in Hampi bazaar.
  • The Hazard Rama Temple Complex is well known for its carvings and inscriptions telling the stories of Ramayan. This ruined temple has a big courtyard with a garden in the middle.
  • The Krishna Temple Complex has been recently excavated and work is still in progress.
  • Vittalla temple is the most popular among all temples of Hampi. It has musical pillars. The Karnataka government has put the lights in the temple, which makes it illuminate at dusk. Adding more charm to architecture.

Hampi – a tourist attraction

Architechture of Hampi

Hampi being a ruin city of ancient India attracts many local and foreign tourists. Before the fall of the Vijayanagar Empire, diamonds were sold on the streets. Surprisingly, the place used to be called Pan-Supari-bazaar. At Hampi market there is still a place marked by Archeology Department of India, where they used to sell diamonds and precious stones, and visitors can spot that bazaar.

But above all that, Hampi has extraordinary landscape, granite rocks, lush green paddies, banana plantation. One can spend so much time looking at weirdly balancing granite rock , and get amazed how erosion of million years have made that formation. December to March is the peak season for tourists to come to Hampi.

Hampi is worth seeing if you are into adventure around Bangalore, you will be stunned to see heaps of granite boulders everywhere. It is worthwhile to visit Hampi at least once in your lifetime, spend some time wandering around, and see the ruins of ancient India and feel the wealth and richness of Indian heritage.