Just tried to do a simple calculation before you want to help for a social cause…

1. Is he/she need knowledge from you ?

2. Is he/she need shelter/food from you for an instance(not for always) ?

3. Is he/she an intelligent and can spend money in a good social work ?

4. Is he/she want some help which is very much needful(please consult the management mantra of Maslow’s need of Hierarchy)

5. You want to help some animal/bird/wild life/nature ?

Yes, go ahead and help.. You are 100 percent going to enjoy this for long life.

1. Is he/she need some money from you. He/she is in problem and money is required ?

2. Is he/she need a mobile/laptop,a new N series phone because it will help him/her in understanding ?

3. Is your watchman lady come and ask you for mixer to make chuttni ?

4. Is he/she want more of a material from you ?

5. Is an NGO in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai need help financially ?

6. Is an NGO/Ashrama/School in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai need you to donate uniform/dresses to all of their students ?

No, if you value money. 100 percent – NOT.

I think, there can be many things which can be added in list 1 and list 2, please feel free to add. First reaction to a situation is always wrong and it will lead to a bitter relation later or you will fed up even in helping.

Joy of giving and Offense of giving has a marginal difference. I learn some of it from hard way and from 7-8 years of social talk with people, understanding their help, need and want.

Please let me know, if any of the point is creating doubt in your mind.