Every drop of water counts

Want to be a Nomad

During our trip to the Laata village during our Nanda Devi trail , we happened to have a closer look at the lifestyle of the people too. As we trekked up to the summer village of  Laata we encountered  women who were trekking  down with a huge load on their back.  We learnt that these women trek about 14 kilometers in all to wash their clothes in the river down the valley . The mountain stream up in the village is just enough for cooking and other basic uses.


When people struggle so much to get water should we not be more careful in spending water?

Have a look at some links which I have compiled which gives a fairly good idea of how every drop counts.

22 lakh people in Bangalore are currently suffering from water scarcity. If we collected all of the water that is being wasted down…

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