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Want to be a Nomad

Have you noticed this butterfly which is seen almost everywhere in Bangalore? They are fluttering all over the city – these butterflies are a part of the migratory swarm. Hundreds of  butterflies are found roosting on trees and plants, it is magical indeed  to observe this visual treat.

Dark Blue Tiger 5

Lepidoptera migration is a biological phenomenon whereby populations of butterflies or moths migrate over long distances to areas where they cannot settle for long periods of time.  By migrating, Lepidoptera species can avoid unfavorable circumstances, including weather, food shortage or over-population. The Danaids in South India are also prominent migrators, between Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats. Three species are involved in this, namely Tirumala septentrionis, Euploea core and Euploea sylvester. Sometimes they are joined by Lemon Pansy (Junonia lemonias), Common Emigrant (Catopsilia pomona), Tawny coster (Acraeaterpsicore) and Blue Tiger (Tirumala limniace)

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