Last week, we had a quiz competition in SRMAB(Blind school located in J P Nagar), it was fun and loved the number of correct response made by kids.

1. Devanahalli : site of the new Bengaluru airport is the birthplace of ………… Tipu Sultan.
2. Highest rain fall in Karnataka …………Agumbe
3. The largest place in Karnataka where we do gold mining … Kolar (Kolar Gold Fields)
4. Lalbagh has been made by …………… HyderAli for Tipu sultan.

Discussing with team members

Discussing with team members

One of the teams

One of the teams

Tell the exact word: (R-5)

1. A country is rich in raw material, ore and service and want to give to another country. This process is called ………… export
2. a ball directly thrown about the weist height in cricket is ……… beamer
3. A book written by self about the life and lesson ……… autobiography
4. The closed area declared where animals/birds are free to live and die naturally … sanctuary

Pankhudian taking quiz

Pankhudian taking quiz

Question for Audience:

2009, the Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha was the sole manufacturer of the flag of india.

Know about person: (R-2)

1. This person is known as Human Computer – Shakuntala Devi
2. Which person is known as Missile Man of India – A P J Abdul Kalam
3. Who is known as “Father of Karnataka music”? Purandara Dasa
4. Gave India its first medal at the Paralympic Games after bagging a silver in the Men’s High Jump F42 1.74 m – Girisha Hosanagara Nagarajegowda from Karnataka.

Highest in India. (R-3)

1. Highest waterfall in India … jog falls.
2. Highest mountain peak in India …. K2.
3. Award, highest civilian – Bharat Ratna
4. Highest Gallantry award– Param Vir chakra

Internet and world (R-4)
1. biggest social networking site – FB
2. biggest video sharing site – Utube
3. biggest search site … google.
4. biggest reference/information site … wiki

Health Awarness: (R-6)

1. Blood is filtered by which organ – Kidney.
2. Why we add iodine in salt – thyroid problem and mental sickness.
3. How HIV affects the system – reduce the immune power and made the body weak.
4. Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) Problem which generally cause mental problem and blindness is due to because genetic problem.

Make it large: (R-7)

SMS – Short Message Service
ATM _ Automated teller machine
BBMP stands for Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike
RBI – Reserve Bank of India


1. Yama, the god of death in Hinduism, uses what animal as his transport? Buffualo
2. In the epic Ramayana, which bird tried to prevent Ravana from carrying Sita away? – Jatayu
3. What is the name the vehicle of Ravana in which he could fly to any destination and which had unlimited seating capacity? – Pushpaka vimanam
4. In the epic, Ramayana, Rama asks Hanuman to fetch him a medicinal herb that grew in the Himalayas. What was its name? – Sanjeeveni Buti

Sports and Cricket:

1. Highest no. of 6 in his career – Afaridi
2. 1st Indian to win Olympic Gold medal in any individual event – Abhinav Bindra
3. Most 5 wicket in inning – Waqar
4. ODI highest total by which team – Srilanks 443 against Netherland.