Dear all,

After doing a series of pedestrian events called “Come, Cross the Road” to observe and highlight the issues faced by pedestrians on Bangalore roads, Hasiru Usiru is now ready to release the final draft of the report with our findings and observations.

As part of this event, we would like to showcase photographs emphasising the different problems faced by pedestrians on a daily basis. The problems could be any of the below or ANYTHING you perceive to be a problem for pedestrians in the city.

Difficulty in crossing the roads
Bad footpaths
Dimly lit subways, inaccessible skywalks
Roads where flyovers start/end where people cannot cross
Motorbikes parked/riding on the pavement
Garbage and construction material on the footpaths
Signal-free corridors (aerial shots if you have will be super!)
Badly lit roads which are unsafe
Roads, Foothpaths made inaccessible for people with special needs
We request all of you to please share any such photos- we’ll showcase a total of 30 selected photos in the photo exhibition with due credits.

Please mail the photos to

Please do share the photos with us by October 15th. Please also let us know how we should credit you. You can also send us pictures with credits as a water-mark else we can put up the credits seperately if you wish us to do it that way.

Please also do share this call with as many people as possible.

Vinay Sreenivasa for Hasiru Usiru