I was sitting in the balcony and gazing at a copper pod tree on a Sunday afternoon. A tailor bird was busy collecting nesting material. Some butterflies fluttered around  looking for nectar. The  resident squirrel came by to nibble a few grains from my balcony. The squirrel kept a watch on me, each time I moved, it went and hid itself behind the pots.Though these are  routine sightings, they keep me entertained and refresh me when I need a break from the countless chores at home. Yes, I do get pleasant surprises too when something very different happens in my garden.

I noticed an insect which  was constantly flying in and out of  the balcony visiting a pvc pipe each time. I was wondering if it was the deadly hornets wasp as its underbelly was yellow. On a closer look its under belly color was changing  to  green, yellow and magenta. I found that it was an insect carrying leaves and flowers. It was a leaf cutter bee. I had seen it on one of my trails but could not get a click. This time I was lucky as it was building its nest in my balcony.


Nesting site of Leaf cutter bee


Cut patterns of the leaf cutter bee on Mahogany tree


Leaf cutter bee zooming in to its nest with a leaf

Entering its nest

Entering its nest



Leaf cutter bee entering its nest

Leaf cutter bee entering its nest

It is amazing to know about these bees. More information can be found in Santhosh’s blog . As I write this post, this bee is busy building its nest. I hope that the young bees complete their life cycle and emerge out of their nest.