Some people who adopted Bangalore as its living place. They came here some 4-5 years back and tuned themselves in the living culture of Bangalore.

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Deepa Mohan
Deepa is a housewife. She has lived here off and on since 1988 (perhaps before some of other members were born!:D ) and have lived here continuously since 1997. She loves Bangalore, and is both excited and worried about the rapid changes it is undergoing. Her interests include urban and forest wildlife, theatre,heritage, quizzing, music, crosswords, writing and photography. She loves to observe the happenings in her city, and document them in words and images. She freelances, usually writing for Citizen Matters and, recently, for City Buzz, a weekly print magazine for south Bangalore. She has written for the Deccan Herald and the Times of India, too, but enjoy online writing more.
Vaibhav Choudhary
Vaibhav Choudhary moved to Bangalore during Oct 2006, after completion of his B. Tech from Noida. Presently, he is working as a software professional in Sun Microsystems, Bangalore. He likes Bangalore because of various reasons, weather and ease of life are the most important in them. He has covered many places in Bangalore and near to Bangalore for photography and fun. He loves to share his experiences which are sometime funny and sometime dreadful. He wants to see more changes in Bangalore and also wants to be part of those changes.
Lohith K
Lohith is a complete local maal. Born, raised, educated, working, married, living, partying in Bangalore. Between him and bangalore it’s a love, hate relationship. there’s so much to love for him in this city, that this beloved city sometime makes him hate it for not being better.He loves travelling in and around Bangalore, and more recently has developed a new found curiosity for Nature and Wildlife, thanks to a lot of his friends, and being an hobbyist photographer, just adds masala to his interest. Lohith is currently working in a Software services company, and wants be a part of a group, and contribute even in a little way if possible to make Bangalore better for everyone 🙂
Mohan Rajendra
He did his Fashion designing from ALT college, presently working as a Designer/Merchant in a fashion industry. Born & brought up in Bangalore, best thing what he likes about Bangalore is Weather changes as it reflects female’s mood. Also the places & people in Bangalore are very rare to find :p. He has recently bought a camera to capture the moves of Bangalore & its places. He loves riding, surfing, blogging, chatting online, playing with kids & sometimes working at ofc. He loves hanging out in temples more, no restrictions will be there in that premises.
Prashant Kulli
Prashant landed in Bengaluru almost 10 years ago to pursue his BE from PESIT college. He belongs to Belgaum district, Karnataka. He born and brought up outside of his father’s native place. Today when someone asks where he belong to he says proudly “I am from Bengaluru” because he associates his life so much with this beautiful city which has given him immense reasons (and experiences) to be happy, to learn and to celebrate life in an unique way. Apart from coding, he loves adventure sports, traveling, photography, singing/listening old hindi songs; he have a dream to visit as many countries as possible in his lifetime.
Priyanka Varma
Priyanka Varma has done BTech from DA-IICT, Ahmedabad. Then she moved to Bangalore in July 2007. She is working as a Software Engineer in MindTree Ltd. Also, working as a volunteer in Pankhudi Bangalore on weekends. She has an interest in blogging, reading, travelling, photography. She is of opinion that “Bangalore has all variety of things for people of every taste – starting from the beautiful parks, gardens, old city view to malls, pubs. But the best thing about Bangalore is its weather and different places in and also around Bangalore.” She tries to explore those places and capture it through camera and writing.
Subrata Nath
Subrata Nath moved to Bangalore during Feb 2005, after completion of his masters in a college in Mangalore region. Presently, he is working as a software professional with one of the IT organization in Bangalore. There are many factors which can drive someone thinking of becoming a permanent resident of this city. The best part is obviously the climatic condition. During his period of stay in Bangalore, he tried exploring different places in and around the city. He tries capturing the photos/videos of the places wherever he go, which can help him in rewinding my life, during his later age.
Sushil Kumar Katre
Sushil moved to Bangalore in July 2004 after completing B.E. from a private college in Bhopal, M.P. And since then he is in Bangalore. He currently works for one of the IT Organization in Bangalore as a Networking Consultant. During his early stay in Bangalore, he wanted to move out of Bangalore and go to some other place. But the seed was already sown, and slowly the tree named love for Bangalore started growing and now Bangalore has become his home. It’s the flexibility of Bangalore to offer what one needs, which made him stay here. He has explored many places in in and around Bangalore, loves to capture the moment through this piece of tool known as Camera and share his experience with others.