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Join The Run For Cancer Kids

Do Join Us for the run for Cancer Kids.

Registration Page :

Donations will go to KIDWAI cancer institute and from KAAA :


Runners Club – Lalbagh Track

Lalbagh running track is one of the best track available in the middle of Bangalore for the joggers / marathon practitioners. Looping of around 4.5K (that’s a good size) can be done. Track is quite bigger is size and lot of people can run in parallel. Road, brick road, and mud – all kinds of tracks are available.

Entry ticket – No, till 9.30 AM and after 6 PM. Rs. 10 in between (not a time for runners :P)

At the time of Rain : Fairly good. This track can be used even after a rainy day.

Hopcoms (Vegetable/Fruit Seller) is also available inside the lalbagh which can be used for buying fruits after the run. Here is a typical track route.

My this 10K run is without shoes, which clearly depicts that its a clean place to run.

lalbagh track

Endomondo Run :

Runners club – Madiwala or BTM Lake

If you are living around Jayanagar, J P Nagar, Bannerghatta road, BTM – Its one of the best place to run. Its a mud trace with following :

  1. Track length : 1.9 km one round (up and down). [Across the lake]
  2. Opening time : 5 AM to 8 PM.
  3. Entry fee: Free till 5 AM to 9 AM and evening after 6.00 PM.
  4. People around: Quite moderate. Good place to run.
  5. Type of track: Mud (Avoid if heavy rain last night)
Sunrise at Madiwala Lake

Sunrise at Madiwala Lake


Here is my endomondo half marathon run track in madiwala :

Runners club – J P Nagar Miniforest

Millions dollar questions for the runners around Bangalore where to run, which is good track and many more. I do run across many places in Bangalore and from my blog, I will try to cover some of the good running place in and around Bangalore. I will add some of the snaps which will show the track condition.

First goes, J P Nagar – Miniforest – This is one of the long stretch in J P Nagar.

One complete round comes around 1.5 Km.

Opening and Closing time: 5 AM to 8 PM.

Ticket: No Ticket.

Do drop a comment or a feedback if you are a J P Nagar Runner.

J P Nagar - Mini forest Track

J P Nagar – Mini forest Track

J P Nagar - Mini forest Track - Selfie. If you want to take Mud path.

J P Nagar – Mini forest Track – Selfie. If you want to take Mud path.


Here is my endomondo run :

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