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When summer blooms…



is in full bloom in the heat of summer…to me, the red blooms symbolize Grishma Ritu.


A tree from Madagascar, which has made itself part of the Indian landscape.


An incredible fact is that in the wild, this tree is endangered!But it seems to have been introduced all over the world:

“Delonix regia is endemic to the western forests of Madagascar, but has been introduced into tropical and sub-tropical regions worldwide. In the continental United States, it grows in South Florida, Southwest Florida, the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, ranging from the low deserts of Southern Arizona (to as high as Tucson), and Southern California. It also grows in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Haiti, Hawaii, Mexico (especially in the Yucatan peninsula), Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, where it is the official tree of the islands. It is much loved in the Caribbean; many Dominican & Puerto Rican paintings feature Flamboyant Trees. It can also be found in The Bahamas. The Poinciana is the national flower of St. Kitts and Nevis. The island of Mauritius has widespread distribution of the Royal Poinciana where it announces the coming of the new year. The Royal Poinciana is regarded as naturalised in many of the locations where it is grown. It is a popular street tree in the suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. The tree is also found in India and Pakistan, where it is referred to as the Gulmohar, or Gul Mohr. In West Bengal (India) and Bangladesh it is called Krishnachura.”


I remember an avenue on the Maidan in Kolkata being called Red Road because it was an avenue of Gulmohar trees, and approaching aircraft during the British Raj, which used the road as a runway during WW2, seeing a carpet of red…which you can see in my photograph, too!

And here are the other colours of summer flowers on our roads:


Am mad about Am….

Mangifera Indica-Summer in India

When you’re facing the summer sun
When your skin burns and it’s no fun
To walk in the sunshine, it’s too bright
The summer glare hurts your head and sight…
You’ve got mangoes on your mind….

You pick up the fruit, scattered all round
Or in the market they can be found.
Small and raw, or with golden ripe sheen
Or any of the stages that happen in between,
You’ve got mangoes on your mind….

Made into pickle or eaten with salt
Made into milkshakes or a thick juicy malt
Any of the numerous varieties you get
To crunch, or down your throat the smooth fruit you let
You’ve got mangoes on your mind….

Other times of the year, you may not really see
The beautiful leaves, the bark of this tree
But when the fruit in bunches is hung
About the mangoes paeans are sung!
You’ve got mangoes on your mind….


Summer is awful, hot and sticky,
About many fruits you’re choosy and picky:
But when it comes to the King, mango…
Into transports of delight you go…
You’ve got mangoes on your mind!


are pickles



is the fruit

Oh, this wonderful delectation…I am an Am aurat, and I am certainly an “Am Admi Paati”!

Despite the scorching heat, there is so much to see all around us!
Lets capture bangalore’s summer life in our sketchbooks !

Here’s the GreenScraps, nature journaling workshop for this summer!
Please find all the details in the poster attached – the batch, date, age and place.
As always, the registrations are restricted to about 12 participants each batch.
So, please contact us ASAP, before it gets filled in! Your participation would be confirmed only once the payment is made.

For more detail:
GreenScraps Blog – http://greenscrapsjournal.blogspot.in/
GreenScraps Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/GreenScraps?ref=hl

Here’s the poster for this summer’s AHA! Express:

aha exprs 2013 photo ahaexpress.jpg

Do enrol your children for an enjoyable summer theatre experience!

For interviews with faculty and further information on the workshops and AHA!, do please call RangaShankara on 080-26493982

Visit their website,

click here

Contact Us

E-mail: rstheatre@gmail.com
Website: http://www.rangashankara.org
Phone numbers: +91-80-26592777, +91-80-26493982
Address: Ranga Shankara
36/2 8th Cross II Phase J P Nagar
Bangalore 560 078

Butterflies at Lalbagh

Season is calling. Thanks to Rohit Girotra and Deepa Mohan to get me interested in butterflies. Though I have zero knowledge of dynamics about this colorful creature. Here are some of those beautiful butterflies of Lalbagh, there are many more but not able to take because of time constraint. Bet you some more till next week.

Peacock Pansy

Peacock Pansy

Peacock Pansy – It exists in two distinct adult forms, which differ chiefly in the patterns on the underside of the wings; the dry-season form has few markings, while the wet-season form has additional eyespots and lines.

Stripped Tiger on Orange Cosmos

Stripped Tiger on Orange Cosmos

Striped Tiger with some part injured on Cosmos Orange – Members of this genus are leathery, tough to kill and fake death. Since they are unpleasant to smell and taste, they are soon released by the predators, recover and fly off soon thereafter.

Chocolate pansy

Chocolate pansy

Chocolate pansy – Individuals maintain a territory and are usually found close to the ground level and often bask in the sun.

Common Five Ring

Common Five Ring

Common Five Ring – Quite variation in color and wing size from Winter to Summer.

Common Grass Yellow

Common Grass Yellow

Common Grass Yellow – They exhibits seasonal polyphenism [Polyphenic pigmentation is adaptive for insect species that undergo multiple mating seasons each year. Different pigmentation patterns provide appropriate camouflage throughout the seasons, as well as alter heat retention as temperatures change.]

Chestnut Bob

Chestnut Bob

Chestnut Bob – Found in Asia and parts of Southeast Asia.

Pea Blue.

Pea Blue

Pea Blue – Its a small butterfly. At first time, you can’t appreciated the beauty. A close view is required :).

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