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What to do if your cycle is stolen

Rohini Kini of

Bums On The Saddle
has created

this procedural guidance

in case your cycle has been stolen. You need to do some preparatory work, so get the details of your cycle now and keep them safely in case you ever need them.

Spring into action immediately!
Check around the area incase the thief has stashed the bike to pick it up later
File a FIR with the police (more details below). Record identifying features on the report – accessories, photographs and the frame number!
Register your bike as stolen on the BOTS Stolen Bike registry
Visit shops in your area and request them to keep their eyes open
Post up stolen bike flyers around the area it was stolen in
Share the loss with friends, social media, local bike shops and friends.
Post about the cycle on local bike forums and alert the cycling community
If you have bike insurance, time to reach out to the insurance company
Trawl forums where second hand products are sold. Keep an eye on all bicycle sales

The System works…

Mahesh Shantaram writes on his Facebook wall:

On October 2nd, my mobile phone was stolen. The thief was caught on October 25th. Of the more than 40 phones he had stolen, he made the mistake of keeping mine for himself. My thoughts:

1. I had to get a court order for the police to legally release the phone from their custody. This picture goes to the court as ‘proof’ that the transaction is complete. The System exists, and the System works, but I am amazed and amused by how the System sees photography as a tool for evidence gathering and documentation.

2. Amongst the thief’s personal pictures on the phone, there is one of his mother (I’m guessing) proudly showing of her new phone. I wonder if she wonders, as I wonder, whether it was all worth it. Her son gets to spend the next five years in Bangalore Central Jail to come up with a new business plan.

mahesh shntrm police 251012 blr

Mahesh Shantaram receives the phone back from the police. Pic: Mahesh Shantaram.

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