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Shy as a young bride, the monsoon hints at her presence,but does not actually come right in. I, the lover of Varsha,as enamoured as any infatuated swain, ardently wait. The grey will turn a richer hue, the clouds will boil and scud across the sky, the air will cool magically….the life-giving drops will patter upon the parched earth, and grishma ritu will lose her hold, at least for a while….



Yesterday we been to Gulakmale Lake ( location mentioned in place section ). Lake got dried up but a promising place for water bird and raptor. It was a cloudy day and we were not able to do more birding but here are some.
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Misty Morning….

As I went for my morning walk, the mist closed in, and when I returned home, I could hardly see the buildings opposite my balcony:

Winter Morning!

Winter Morning!

I love walking on winter mornings; I can walk as briskly as possible without perspiring, and a piping hot cup of chai or coffee tastes even better with the morning newspaper and crosswords! On such mornings, I feel that I am living in a hill station…and the beauty of the morning keeps me going the whole day long!

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