BCSC – Bangalore Classic Scooter Club !!

A Club for owners and lovers of classic scooters in Bangalore. Owners of geared scooters that have classic styling can join the club. Vespa, Lambretta, Lamby 150, Vijai Super, Falcon, Allwyn Pushpak, Rajdoot Runabout, Enfield Fantabulus, older model Bajaj or older model LML Vespa.

The club has scooters that were manufactured in the 50s and 80s such as Bajaj Chetaks, Vespas, Lambrettas, Lambys and Vijay Supers

This club was started 2 years ago, its one of Bangalore’s renowned clubs. The members meet on the last Sunday of every month at Central Library near Cubbon Park and then take their ‘beauties’ for a ride in the city. The club was started by a group of like-minded people with a passion for scooters.

They started this group mainly to share abt the spares availability in the town as these old model spares were very rarely available in the market, after seeing the modified 50’s & 60’s scooters young generation ppl are turning towards the old scooters.

Also many of these bikes were heading into gujri’s before, now they have realized the value of this beauties & they are restoring it back. Also it was glad to see many chinki’s owned these bikes & they were very much exited riding them

They have their own page in FB https://www.facebook.com/groups/82744201867/

Lambretta's !!!

Olden beauties in new COLORS !!!

Beautifully modified !!!

I couldn't take my eyes off after seeing this beauty !!!