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Runners club – Madiwala or BTM Lake

If you are living around Jayanagar, J P Nagar, Bannerghatta road, BTM – Its one of the best place to run. Its a mud trace with following :

  1. Track length : 1.9 km one round (up and down). [Across the lake]
  2. Opening time : 5 AM to 8 PM.
  3. Entry fee: Free till 5 AM to 9 AM and evening after 6.00 PM.
  4. People around: Quite moderate. Good place to run.
  5. Type of track: Mud (Avoid if heavy rain last night)
Sunrise at Madiwala Lake

Sunrise at Madiwala Lake


Here is my endomondo half marathon run track in madiwala :

I have never seen such a third class bus – Tata Marcopolo. Even local buses in my village are much better than these (in terms of emission / pollution).

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) is a government agency that operates the public transport bus service in Bangalore. According to a news dated 30th Jan 2013 in Times of India, BMTC has got 96 Tata Marcopolo buses in operation.

I have never been on these Marcopolo buses, but I have ridden behind these pathetic Marcopolo buses many a times. The amount of black smoke it releases can make your face black and can choke you to death. Even the loading trucks which more often than not runs on kerosine do not emit such smoke.

Its disgusting to even think how BMTC officials agreed to buy such buses. I feel like putting their face against the exhaust of Tata Marcopolo bus.

These buses not only cause nuisance from outside but they are no good inside as well. Do a quick serch and you will find people complaining about:

  • The engine making a lot of noise and making the travel a “DEAFENING” experience
  • The AC not working efficiently
  • The back part of the bus getting heated up in spite of insulators.
  • The doors not working properly
  • The bus struggling to move up the slope
  • Dust coming inside because of gaps in the door

I guess BMTC launched these buses in 2010 and while I am aware that Tata Marcopolo are half the price of Volvo, something which is not acceptable is the amount of pollution these buses do. BMTC would be better off running normal buses instead of plying Tata Marcopolo in non Volvo routes.

“Jugaad” means, “innovation”, often thinking out-of-the-box. A mode of public transportation, with the engine of a tractor, has already taken on this name in several states of India.

On Sunday, as we were heading out for our nature trail on Bannerghatta Road, I spotted this tricycle-cart that had been fitted with a two-wheeler engine, and was puttering along happily!


I don’t think this gives very environment-friendly emissions, however creative and innovative it is!

What a pity that pedal-power is seen by the working people as something too difficult to sustain.  I was actually thinking of an initiative to re-introduce cycle-rickshaws….



Bone Marrow: Urgent Requirement


Amit Gupta, an Indian entrepreneur in Newyork, a friend and a kind soul needs a bone marrow match for a

Peripheral Blood Stem cells donation and you can help.

If you live in Bangalore India, chances are you can help not only Amit, but the many, many other people around the world. South Asians have a dramatically lower chance of finding a match in the worldwide bone marrow registries than other populations. While this is a big and often tragic problem, it’s one that can be fixed!

So what can you do? Get to the nearest drive in Bangalore on 26-27th November 2011.The event is ALL-DAY and you can walk-in anytime between 10am to 6pm to show you CARE.

A quick and simple process, where a cotton swab is rubbed inside your cheek. It is processed to determine your genetic typing.

List of places and the dates are below:

********Sunday 27th November*********

1) Greenery Apartments, Plain Street, Infantry Road. Bangalore 560001. Contact person: Vishal @ +91 95352 93850.

2) Sant Nirankari Mandal. 88 Rathnavilas Road, South end circle. Near Pai convention centre. Basavanagudi, Bangalore – 560004. Contact: Rajesh @ +9199802 21056

********Saturday 26th November*********

1) My Gola Technologies
Panchatara Towers |#446, 2nd Floor| 17th Cross, Sector 4| HSR Layout, BANGALORE -34 .
Organizer and Contact Neha: +91 72592 81211..

2) Greenery Apartments, Plain Street, Infantry Road. Bangalore 560001.

Contact person: Vishal @ +91 95352 93850

DATRI (, the Indian bone marrow donor registry will have their kits at each of these venues to help you find out if you are THE MATCH! As a bonus, each drive can add dozens or even hundreds of new potential donors to the database — meaning your efforts will help not just Amit but a countless more find a match.

Plus, it’s REALLY EASY! DATRI is dedicated to helping anyone host a drive, and the test only takes a few minutes and a Q-tip-like swab inside the cheek. This is virtually painless, maybe less painful than donating blood.

What happens if you are THE one? Well then, your cells will help someone live- perhaps the best gift you can give ANYONE.

Donating blood cells is much simpler than it sounds the procedure is often misunderstood. All your questions about the same are kindly answered by the team at DATRI: Click:

Here’s an article that clarifies that simpe process too- hope it helps: The Truth About Bone Marrow Donations – Save a Childs Life by Donating Bone Marrow – Marie Claire-
Save a life. YOU CAN!
I wanted to write about the Urban Lakes workshop that I went on...but I found someone has done it much better than I!

So here is Depalan's account of the workshop. A very balanced view of what we and minus.

My pictorial account of the day is here

It's on Facebook, so you need an account to be able to see it.

For those with kidney problems



For my article.



for the website of Bangalore Kidney Foundation.


“Sumin”, as my young daughter used to say, is what I do regularly in the summer. Sumin is such a great all-round exercise; and if there is a pool in your own apartment building, like I have, you don’t have to brave the city traffic to get to the pool, either. A quick change of costume, and there I am, ready to slip into the pool (this is a nice way of ssying that I am still afraid to jump in!).

I still do only the backstroke, as it gets far less water into my Ear-Nose-Throat system, and the other compelling reason is that…it’s far less boring.

I swim as dusk gathers. I watch the pigeons fluttering around, and settling on the many projections of my apartment blocks…and high, overhead, I watch the kites wheeling as, in the sinking light, they look for a last meal, made possible by an unwary rodent or a defenceless bird. An occasional pond heron flies past, too, and in the deepening darkness, just as the lights come on in the apartments, little pipestrelles flit about…delighting me, sometimes, by skimming the surface of the swimming pool for a quick sip.

The moon slowly rises and becomes brighter….an the outline of the palm trees and other plants against the evening sky, merges into the gloom of the night. Of course, with the pool lights on, there is never real darkness…except in the brief time between a shutdown of power, and the generator coming on. But in spite of the light, it is a time of magic. The colours of the sky as it deepens from blue to purple to deep mauve….the clouds floating across….they all add to it.

The water feels like silk on my warm body and cools it in such a pleasant way; I do think that regular exercise can only be sustainable when it is as enjoyable as this.

I finish my laps, and then lazily float on the surface of the water for a while. I am so relaxed, and the water holds me up like a mother would her newborn child….I smile when I think how scared I was to start learning how to swim, and how much I have been missing all the years that I didn’t learn.

I’m looking forward to this evening’s swim, now….a hot trip across town, scheduled for this afternoon, is going to make it even more pleasurable!

Say NO to junkies…

Say NO to Junkies this new year. We, from the medium of our blog, want to make a healthy Bangalore. New year is approaching and party is ON. But if Party means good food, lot of fun and friend… why not at home. Two request from our side:

1. Stop Cold Drinks/ Junkies: Ya, It is cheaper in cost. Cheaper in health too.


Say No to Cold Drinks

Say No to Cold Drinks

2. Stop wasting food: If somehow you are not able to convince your parent for home party, or want to drink little hot and not possible at home. We request you to not waste food. Not even a single food is cheap in Bangalore(Onion – 100 Rs/Kg).


Say NO to "Waste Food"

Say NO to "Waste Food"

We are wishing you a happy new year and a great health year ahead. Remember, good decision is always a option.

Misty Morning….

As I went for my morning walk, the mist closed in, and when I returned home, I could hardly see the buildings opposite my balcony:

Winter Morning!

Winter Morning!

I love walking on winter mornings; I can walk as briskly as possible without perspiring, and a piping hot cup of chai or coffee tastes even better with the morning newspaper and crosswords! On such mornings, I feel that I am living in a hill station…and the beauty of the morning keeps me going the whole day long!

This is not about money na sir…

Save Us

Save Us

Last week with some of my colleagues, I went to Intel office for representing our idea near audiences. I met a team of enthusiastic students who were explaining about Environmental pollution and how to cope with non-degradable substance. This young team does their work, some where around 20 Kms from Bangalore in a village. They buy those substances which are not good for environment like Plastic, Egg Shell, Lemon Shell, Hair and many more. Asking where they will use it, one of the girls explained me that they use it at various place like plastic these days, can be used in Road construction, egg shell in some design and lemon shell in detergent and so on. I told Nice, we can get some money out of it and she told “this is not about money na sir, this is about our environment.”

Love to see such enthusiasm in our Bangalore !

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