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The Collections

The Collections- A shopping mall to call it, but it has many things to attract you. The first thing is its architectural beauty.

Located in the heart of the city and in a well known street, Vittal Mallya Road. This can be called as one of the most expensive shopping place where the products are worldclass. Not many shops as seen in other regular malls.

There are many good hotels and restaurants especially to have your dinner. There you get to see many people from other countries spending their time and relaxing. The UB city office is very next to this mall.

In most of the seasons, the mall is decorated with many attractions. Weekend is comparatively crowded and a flavor of colorful nightlife is seen there which is missing in this city all the time.

If you do not live in Bangalore and planning to visit sometime, this is one of the place, you can mark in your list.

Lunar eclipse night

Condition was quite cloudy, still tried to managed whatever was possible.

Earth was started giving space to Sun

Just the visible part

Empowered by the unity and youth of the country, Anna Hazare was never ready to get convinced and break his fast, with nothing less than a victory. This historical win of republic system has been celebrated hugely whole day, all over the country.

The fight against corruption does not end here, rather its just a warm beginning.

Few captures from Freedom park, Bangalore, where many were fasting throughout, as with Anna Hazare.

Ready for a new fight tomorrow

Blowing sound should reach all India and Indian

dancing and full with celebration mood

So much strength in the slogan together....Jai Hind. National Anthem is been sang together by the whole mass

Candle march in the night after Anna announced breaking of his fast.

Anna Hazare is in the heart of every Indian and even in the people living abroad now. As the time passing, Anna is on his strong will, with firm decision, maintaining the belief and respect in the mind of every supporters that, “hum honge kamiyab”.

Today, being the eight day of this movement, every day, thousands of Bangalorians gather in the freedom park and as a regular routine event, out on a candle march on the both side of the road, in front of Freedom park. This sends a clear message to the government of this country that we are united and not tired at all. We will not go back home until we make an arrangement to send all the corrupt people behind bars and clean the dirt from our nation.

Symbolizing, unity is the power.

Thousands of people with candle lighted in hand to protest against corruption.

All loud voice together, “Bharat mata ki…..jai”

No violence, not even disturbing the traffic, number of people without any gap on both sides of the road.

Full with Indian-ism.

More and more people joining this movement all over the country.

Two separate Candle march were taken out at 7:30 in the evening during the day-2 of this movement. One silent movement started from the Brigade road junction and continues till Anil Kumble circle, M.G. Road.

The other was from the Freedom park, making round through the M.G road and back to freedom park. The second walking rally was with full of energy, with loud slogans, waving the tri-color up.

Saving the light for this nation.

Sharing energy

people joining in mass

young, old, housewives, kids all in same pace

Media channels covering the action

Message is very clear this time

Light of hope and belief

with prayer in mind

Second team, all the way from Freedon Park

Care for this light to be lighting always

For the people living in Bangalore, its almost rare that someone has not passed by Cubbon park. A wide spreaded forest area, located in the heart of the city. There are small big trees all around, contributing to the name of the city as Garden City. Roads running all around and across the park. There are 5 entrances to this big forest area.

photo is not loaded for some reason

During night, its gets a beautiful look with lights on. Intentionally or unintentionally I always try to divert my route through this place to have some cool fresh air.

In the central part, there is a round shaped grass land, roads running around. Especially Sunday evening is a good time to see a huge crowd there. Mostly the families with kids, spending time together, sitting, relaxing on the grass, playing some games etc.

District Library:
Photo is not loaded properly

The red color building is a good attraction obviously for the people landing there for the first time. I never got a chance to go inside this District Library. Needless to menton, the building draws attention for its rich architecture. In the night, the red color of the building gets more brighter with the focusing of bright light on it.

A closer view of the building.


“Sumin”, as my young daughter used to say, is what I do regularly in the summer. Sumin is such a great all-round exercise; and if there is a pool in your own apartment building, like I have, you don’t have to brave the city traffic to get to the pool, either. A quick change of costume, and there I am, ready to slip into the pool (this is a nice way of ssying that I am still afraid to jump in!).

I still do only the backstroke, as it gets far less water into my Ear-Nose-Throat system, and the other compelling reason is that…it’s far less boring.

I swim as dusk gathers. I watch the pigeons fluttering around, and settling on the many projections of my apartment blocks…and high, overhead, I watch the kites wheeling as, in the sinking light, they look for a last meal, made possible by an unwary rodent or a defenceless bird. An occasional pond heron flies past, too, and in the deepening darkness, just as the lights come on in the apartments, little pipestrelles flit about…delighting me, sometimes, by skimming the surface of the swimming pool for a quick sip.

The moon slowly rises and becomes brighter….an the outline of the palm trees and other plants against the evening sky, merges into the gloom of the night. Of course, with the pool lights on, there is never real darkness…except in the brief time between a shutdown of power, and the generator coming on. But in spite of the light, it is a time of magic. The colours of the sky as it deepens from blue to purple to deep mauve….the clouds floating across….they all add to it.

The water feels like silk on my warm body and cools it in such a pleasant way; I do think that regular exercise can only be sustainable when it is as enjoyable as this.

I finish my laps, and then lazily float on the surface of the water for a while. I am so relaxed, and the water holds me up like a mother would her newborn child….I smile when I think how scared I was to start learning how to swim, and how much I have been missing all the years that I didn’t learn.

I’m looking forward to this evening’s swim, now….a hot trip across town, scheduled for this afternoon, is going to make it even more pleasurable!

World Cup is ours, celebration whole night

Whole world was looking at India and India done it. We should find ourself lucky that this happened during our life span. So its not a big deal to sacrifice the sleep for a night and celebrate to the fullest.

Unable to load the image

Celebration in Bangalore, what could be the better place than MG road. seeing the liveliness, it was difficult to believe, really it was 2:00am, or its just 8:30 in the evening.

Full traffic jam all around, starting from Anil Kumble circle till where the view goes. Mass of people on road with all patriotic slogan, hugging each other, dancing and what not.

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Sky balloon with light is flying high. There were multicolored crackers as well, coloring the sky.

Tricolors of different sizes on many hands. Becoming a part of that, need to believe, Cricket is a good means to unite us as a singe religion and is called ‘Indian’.

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Indianism in every mind

Bharath mata ki, jai.....

Cricket fans, even on the roof of auto rickshaw.

Market Before Sunrise

We all have at least one time experience of roaming on empty road at 4 or 5 AM. At that time we think that whole of the city is sleeping and I am walking on so called in a lovely dawn(or even before). No, that’s not right. I will show you a market which start after midnight and close before sunrise. That’s the KR market of Bangalore. KR market is famous for flower selling and one of the oldest markets in Bangalore.

Women selling the flowers

One gracious lady checking the freshness of flower

One gracious lady checking the freshness of flower



When I reached here at 4 AM, this market was over-crowded unlike any other markets. Mostly small buyers were getting the stuff from bigger buyers. People were all around busy, running here and there.  Tea stalls were all open(that was a good relief for me 🙂 ).

Loved to see that work was happening on such a fast rate. Slowly big buyers were moving out after finished off their job. Though they sell flower whole day there only. Some small buyers were also leaving the place. Probably spreading themselves into the city.

FYI, Wiki Information: It is named after Sri Krishnarajendra Wodeyar the former ruler of the princely state of Mysore.  Its the first locality in the whole of Asia to get Electricity.

Musical Fountain – Musical Evening

This is something mostly an unknown place for the people living in Bangalore even for a long time. When I ask people, have you ever visited musical fountain in Bangalore? They react strangely and ask me in return, are you talking about the Musical Fountain in Brindaban Garden (Mysore)!!!

Musical Fountain

Musical Fountain


This beautiful attraction of Bangalore is located in Raj bhavan road. If you are able to locate Bangalore planetarium, in front of the main gate of that (crossing the road), there is something “Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain”, a park.

Musical Fountain

Musical Fountain


There will be 6-7 songs (not full songs) played in a show (mostly patriotic) Hindi and Kannada alternately. Something I do not like there is the Music system. The quality of the sound is really bad and they should change it.

One of the good musical fountain show I have seen is in Wonderla. I can rate this one as the second best and then comes Brindaban garden one. Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain is bit crowded if you land there on Sunday evening. On Sundays, there will be children group (school outing) from different schools. Its good to see the children singing the songs alongwith and clapping together after every song gets over.

Musical Fountain

Musical Fountain

There is parking place inside for 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers. There is a nice children play area, sitting place inside this park. They run two shows daily, 7:00 to 7:30PM and 8:00 to 8:30PM. Monday is holiday. Ticket price is Rs. 10/- for adult and Rs. 5/- parking charge for 4 wheeler (quite affordable).

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